Vacancy/Post-Construction Cleans

In addition to the regular clean and deep clean items we also clean the interior of all cabinets and drawers, as well as the interior of any appliances in the home.

Vacation Rentals

In addition to regular clean items we also clean dishes, laundry, staging linens, interior of all appliances, check drawers and cabinets for soil, and wipe down any patio furniture or equipment.

Special Projects and Extras

​For an additional price we clean interior of refrigerators, wash dishes, laundry, balconies, porches and patios.

We want your home to sparkle and shine. More important, we want you completely satisfied with our cleaning services. If we missed something or didn't meet your expectations, give us a call. We'll come back and make it right. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority!

Gratuity Not Included, But Always Welcomed

100% Guarantee

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Regular cleanings begin at $100*, deep cleanings begin at $125*, and vacancy cleans begin at $150*.  We do not provide hourly rates on cleanings, we price per job as a flat rate.  Our hourly rate for organization is $35 per hour, but can be priced at a set rate per project.  Our pricing is based on square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the types of surfaces in the home, the cleanliness level, and if there are pets in the home.

*This price begins at rates for housing such as small studios and one bedroom apartments

Our Standard of Clean

We offer cleaning services for your home. Because no two homes or offices are the same, many factors go into determining your customized price. We'll stop by and do an evaluation before giving you a final price. Pricing depends on square footage, the level of cleaning required, and the frequency of cleanings.

We Offer:
Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or One-Time Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Vacancy Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleanings
Post-Construction Cleanup

​Special Projects and Extras

Organization and Design

Regular Cleanings
Our regular weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings include: bathrooms, the kitchen, floors, dusting and
a few rotational deep clean items (the number depends on frequency of cleanings).

Deep Cleanings
In addition to regular cleaning items we also clean the
vents, fans, light fixtures, thresholds, chair rail, window sills, spot cleaning of walls, doors and cabinets, light switch plates and outlets, baseboards and interior of the oven.